It has been alleged that at least an average of 50 Billion Naira exchange hands on monthly basis on the platform of the Ponzi scheme MMM Nigeria and with over 2Million participants across the length and width of Nigeria.

The scheme which celebrated one year anniversary some weeks ago seem to be experiencing cash crunch as participants seem to have cut down on their financial commitments to other participants in the scheme. A lot of glitches in what was once a smooth provide and get help processes is fast becoming a nightmare for many participants and it seems the end is certainly here except drastic action is taken or a desperate promotion is created.

On the 7th of December, 2016, participants woke up to a new +20% bonus arrangement which obviously seeks to help bridge the gap between”Provide Help” orders and “Get Help” orders. The latter seem to be enjoying a lot of activities thus destabilizing the financial system which has prompted MMM support to introduce the new bonus to help close the gap and force stability.

A lot of “Get Help” orders are not met, some are unduly delayed by lack of payment and some by extension of hours and days which has been frustrating participants to their bone marrows making them loose sleep and money. Its now a case of suffering and smiling

The current bonus structure of +20% will take the bonus tally to 50% but with a clause that says the additional +20% bonus must remain in the system for a period of 30 days before participants could have access to it. This clause also violates the modus operandi of bonuses getting released on the same day with financial pledge growth exactly on the 14th day after a pledge has been made,paid and confirmed.

Hopefully the scheme would experience huge #providehelp orders to help stabilize a troubled mutual help system which also leads to a very big question;

Is MMM Nigeria crashing this December?