Wedding ceremonies are always colorful, eventful and fairly expensive depending on the route couples decide to take and its always a memorable event.

Many aspect of the occasion must be thoroughly looked into by both parties. Contributions from families are also vital and must be taken seriously. The list goes beyond ten but we need to examine this critical ones in details as long as you have found your missing rib and soul mate.

1 Budget: This is the most critical part of the wedding process. How to spend what you have and ensuring it makes intending couples happy before and after. The future of the newly found family must not also be put in financial jeopardy. Many couple get it wrong from the very start through improper,incoherent and flamboyantly unnecessary wedding budget. Budgeting before wedding is critical. It is the backbone of the ceremony but robust financial structure will keep the home smooth. So don’t go into debt because of “the ceremony” and don’t spend all your life savings to impress your invitees.

No amount is too small or big for any wedding, what differentiate weddings from weddings is couples ability to plan before the ceremony even starts and their ability to work with whats available and to consider future financial committments.

2. Timing: when of the wedding is also another question that must be asked. The differences in weather, difference in prices of wedding items are also germaine to choosing your time of the wedding. No one wants a wedding in a rainy season or wants to adjust and readjust wedding dates due to the seasonal realities. So if you are planning your wedding try and consider the the best season of the year suitable to intending invitees and for an eventful celebration.

3 Wedding date: As awkward as it might sound it is important to pick a date in the month for the wedding that doesn’t tally with intending bride’s menstrual cycle as this could impose some shadows on the whole wedding thing and make the aftermath of the occasion very boring for both couple and could be the foundation of issues in the home. Sex is a huge part of married life and must be considerd as well. Everyone wants a honeymoon whether it’s for a day or more but none wants a sexless, boring and medical honeymoon because its kills the mood and the psychological effects of things like this can be very devastating.

4. Invitees: in planning a wedding couples must sit or otherwise consider the numbers of men and women that will make up the guest list. Are they 300? Are they 500? And so on and so forth are the questions that must be asked. This part of the wedding always comes hand in hand with the budget. This is when intending couples can quantity how many mouths’ they will be catering for on their day. Souvenirs and other items such as food and drinks are considered under the number of expected guests or invitees. It always cast a shadow of ugliness on the wedding, when invitees complain publicly after your wedding of not well cared for. My advise- if its 50 people you can feed well during your wedding limit your invitation to that number only.

5. Invitation Cards: This is the medium of honorary participation for all invitees. They must be comfortable coming to your occasion and the only way to do that is to be properly invited and before time as well. Though there are some other mediums of bringing people into this joyous fold but the most conventional way is sending the invitation card out to prospective invitees. Text messages and emails are just follow ups to the function of the wedding invitation card.

6. Ring: The rings are important in a white wedding or any symbolic material that couples intend to use for such purposes. It is considered to be the symbol of coming together of the couples and also to serve as warning against any incursion that either party has been tied down and a sign of commitment to the union.

7. Venue & Reception: These two are also very vital for consideration. Don’t let us forget that there are two families coming together and probably from different religious backgrounds or denominations. Different locations and with different beliefs. Thus there is the need for couples to agree on venue that will be suitable for both parties. In most cases there are always contradictions on where and where to pick as a suitable venue as both parents could either way insist on a particular venue or church? This should not bring crisis of any sought, intending couples should communicate and reach a conclusion. Be warned wedding is just a ceremony the real thing and reality set in after they have been joined together. The reception venue is also part of the process because after the  service is the venue and most of the time attendance has always been on the high side during wedding reception above church service. Haven’t considered the number of invitees the looking at a reception that can accommodate them physically and in terms of their welfare is also called for.

8. Food: This is a big deal during weddings in Nigeria and most countries in Africa. It has been understood to be the incentive for high attendance during weddings. Food is a part of Africa culture and tradition and nobody wants to be denied an opportunity to have a very sumptuous meal during wedding or else. Thus there is the need to have a plan for your intended invitees so as to avert any food-related crisis at the end of the occasion. The question is how many people should you cater for during wedding? One can only get the best of answers by knowing the number of people to be invited plus additional gatecrashers expected at any occasion. It is at this point that couple can say we want you (caterer) to provide for 100 guests. At this stage, it must also be mentioned- the types of food to be presented. Fried rice? Solid African, European or American meal? And a host of other should be discussed at this stage.

9. Drinks: This is another vital part of the wedding process. You cannot feed people without giving them liquids of soughts. In some cases you can not invite them to your wedding and during the after party not entertain them with enough booze. The choices are yours as it depends on the couples value and principles and at times religious beliefs.

10 Photographer & Video: Photography and Video during such occasion is highly important. It is the legacy of every occasion or event depending on what you prefer to call it. An occasion devoid of photographic and video evidence is tantamount an occasion that never happened because the photos and videos will be the remains of the occasion. So it is germane to get a professional events coverage outfit for this crucial purpose.

Weddings are mere occassions, and couples should learn to put the future into a serious consideration before and during the wedding.