It’s no longer news that Iris Kaingu the daughter of the former Zambian minister of community development and social services-Micheal Kaingu partook in a 16minutes sex video of herself and lover which has since been leaked to the internet.

Unfortunately for her, the video accidentally was leaked to the Zambian media which in turn made Iris life a hell with different version light of this obscene encounter.

Africa from the beginning of age is known for sanity, values and virtues but the advancement of the west and the erosion that follows seem to be tearing and drowning anything that Africa stands for and as such the young woman was a victim of the irresponsibility of many homes around Africa today and the freedom permitted by advancement in technology and acceptability of the jet age. From Nigeria to Ghana, from South Africa to Zambia, and even in Jamaica, cases of youth exuberance, porn and nudity are fast becoming a thing of fashion, prestige and civility.

This is a Nightmare in Africa and amongst Africans and this is insane even amongst those that are perceived to be sane in all regards.

African ladies are known with dignity for the body and structure, the elegance in attires, the respect and virtues that comes with womanhood in communities and families. It’s a shame today many daughters are charitable harlots living with no sense of dignity or respect. Nudity is what they desire from their mirrors while preparing for outings and their mothers that are suppose to weep even encourage these shameful and dishonorable ways of life.

Iris was fined a K10million or to serve a nine months prison term if she defaults. She was expelled from her accountancy school when the video went viral and she brought shame upon herself, family and country. It’s a story that should make all mothers in Africa to weep.

Moral issues are punishable in Zambia unlike in many African countries and that was why Magistrate Mwiinga had no choice after watching the video but to sentence her.

Dana Akbar, a daughter of the Mayor of Mandeville in Jamaica at one point took part in such a scandalous incident that rocked her family and went from country to country. Former Miss Anambra, Chidinma was also recently caught on video having a lesbian experience with another lady.

Africa must go back to the drawing boards!

Parliaments in Africa should do something about this trend. Parents are also not helping in instilling good moral’s in the girl-child any longer due to busy schedules.

Iris may be young and stupid, she is  just like most African young lady out there that are yet to have their nudity exposed even when thier partial nudity can be seen all over social media.

The men too should be talked to. They play huge part in all these madness.  We can’t afford to treat our ladies as sex objects and tools for experiments,adventures and publicities even when they give us the green light.